There is no doubt that with knowledge comes power and with this power comes the ability to make informed decisions. As a result, Wilrock believes it is important to impart knowledge unto consumers. Equipped with the right tools consumers will be able to understand some of the fundamental constituents of many products utilized on a daily basis and be able to appreciate the true value that aggregates contribute to our lives.

Learn More About Stone and Aggregate

(Courtesy of NSSGA)


  • Aggregate properties, quality, highway maintenance, road pavement construction, abrasion value, AIV, polished stone value, PSV, aggregate crushing value, ACV, water absorption
  • What About Sand and Gravel?. Sand and gravel are fairly common minerals resulting from the geological erosive forces of water, wind and ice. Consequently they are generally found in river and stream valleys where they have been deposited by water, and in ridges and hills where they were left behind by receding glacial action and subsequently altered by erosive forces.
  • What’s a Wonder Mineral?. If aspirin is considered a wonder drug then calcium carbonate (CaCO3), commonly called limestone, is a wonder mineral. Mined from stone quarries and pulverized into a powder, it enhances the quality of a vast range of products from plastics and coated papers to medicines and foods.
  • Asphalt-aggregate interactions in asphalt pavements directly influence the adhesion of
    asphalt to aggregate and determine the strength of the bond between them. These interactions
    also determine how well the bond is maintained in the presence of water.
  • Micro-Deval Study – Two NCAT reports (NCAT Report Nos. 02-09 and No. 98-4) have shown that the Micro- Deval Test is a good indicator of coarse aggregate quality for aggregates that will be
    exposed to water.


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